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Important announcement

Its time to call it a day.

S.a.Q. would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the
band over the years. This has been a great band to play in and has been
lots of fun for everyone involved with the shows over the last 22 years.

Unfortunately owing to each band members other commitments outside
of S.a.Q.  it is no longer an easy task for any of team S.a.Q. to commit
to any future events. The team have all been great friends over the years
and will continue to be, S.a.Q. was an hobby for
everyone involved which we all took as far as we possibly could.

Thanks again to all our fans of the band and thanks for your
support over the years because without your support
we could not have done it for so long.

Cheers to you all and keep rocking.  - Straight as Quo

This website will self-destruct on the 17th December 2015

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